Your Business in a Box

We like to be innovative so have developed unique NO risk, NO upfront fee and NO commitment Franchise and Sales Agent opportunities covering not just one product or service like most franchises but 9 (and growing) ASK Business Brands ranging from ASK Print to ASK Internet.

All you have to do is promote and sell our services to your customers and Social Network and bring us the leads, we do all the Project Management of the jobs, collect the money and deliver our products and services to your customers.

You earn commission on every job or order placed by your customers which is a straight percentage of the sale which is 20% for Franchisees and 15% for Sales Agents on most of our brand products.

And as every company requires print and website services, you have the opportunity to pitch out our other more high value niche products and services to those customers that require them.

Our ASK Group of Brands Franchise

We know choosing the right franchise can be a risky business with many companies charging huge upfront costs and signing you up on long term contracts so we have launched our Try Before you Buy option, so NO Risk, NO Upfront Fee and No Commitment for 6 months.

Thereafter you can utilise our no upfront fee options by rolling this into the monthly management and hosting fee we charge.

ASK Brand Sales Agency

If you do not want to commit to a legal franchise where you own the customers and are the legal seller to them, we also have a simpler and cheaper model where you are a Sales Agent so all the benefits of a Franchise, but less of the responsibility and less ultimate cost as well.

As with the Franchise we are offering a version without any upfront fee by rolling this into the monthly management and hosting fee we charge.

Student Opportunities

We want to help the entrepreneurs of tomorrow by offering A Level and University Students the opportunity to be a Sales Agent selling to their community and social network and helping pay their way through university as well as having that added extra on their CV over their peers when they graduate.

ask creative franchise opportunity Our ASK Creative Brand provides Graphic Design, Corporate Branding and Website Design services. Be it a logo, flyer, website or complete corporate identity we turn your client's ideas into eye catching design that’s beautifully crafted, engaging and effective.
ask digital media franchise opportunity Our ASK Digital Media Brand provides expertise in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Google and Bing Ad-word campaigns, direct email marketing and social media marketing. We help build your clients’ brands online and transform their businesses through the power of Social Media, Email marketing and the Internet.
ask internet franchise opportunity Our ASK Internet Brand provides everything to get people and companies connected and online depending on their needs and location. So we offer bespoke high tech, 4G+ unlimited data mobile broadband; Fibre Leased line Internet up to 1GB; modern low cost innovative state-of-the-art VoIP telephony services from 1 extension/handset up to systems of 200+; Website and Email Hosting; and Filemaker Database Cloud Development and hosting services.
ask print franchise opportunity If it can be printed ASK Print it! We have been printing for 25 years, we setup a print franchise micro site for you feeding into our fantastic easy to use web to print online shop. The print brand also includes our specialist UK leading ASK Calendars and ASK Yearbooks brands.
ask publicity franchise opportunity With our ASK Publicity Brand you are promoting a new vibrant modern Marketing & Publicity Company with roots in the UK Film Industry providing Publicity, Press Releases and Launch Events as well as Telesales, Market Research and Appointment Setting services.
ask print franchise opportunity Our ASK Security Brand provides a modern solution for wired and wireless high definition CCTV; sound and light warning systems; and smart proximity detection. Our systems can work anywhere via 4G+ broadband, so we support rural businesses and locations and everything is complimented by our user friendly app to provide a state-of-the-art system anytime, anywhere.
ask print franchise opportunity With our ASK Translation Brand you are joining a Translation Company we established in 1988 that has a reputation for delivering accurate & high quality translation services, on time and at a fantastic price to some of the world's largest companies.
ask print franchise opportunity Our ASK Virtual Brand provides low cost Virtual Office Solutions to small and start up businesses from our premium Head Office and through our state-of-the-art VoIP system we can allocate phone numbers with any UK area code and either answer them for Customers or forward them on.