Our Print Franchise Frequently Asked questions

Q: Am I given a Sales Territory and am I limited to where I can sell?

A: Not as such. We give you an available location name as local to you as we are able. For example Fulham is already taken. But you are not limited to selling anywhere, so if our Fulham franchisee has a great Social Media network or has personal business contacts in Newcastle they are completely OK to sell and promote there and to them. All we need to do is advise the Newcastle Franchisee once we get one is the customers in the Newcastle area that are already assigned to someone else.

Q. Do you do all the Job and Project Management and Delivery?

A. Yes everything ordered by your customers either on our online print shop or via email, contract or telephone for our other brand services we job & project manage and deliver to them. All you have to do is look after them from a sales or customer service perspective.

Q: I already have a website, how do I link your print software shop to it?

A: Very easily. We set you up a sub-domain for all our brands on our platform. For instance our franchisee in Fulham has fulham.askprint.co.uk for our print brand that links into all the print platform products directly. All you need to do is link your www.yourdomain.co.uk to the site we provide. We could in some circumstances host a sub-domain of your existing domains on our server doing the same thing, so in the fulham example above they could have alternatively had print.yourdomain.co.uk but in those cases we would have to charge you for placing a https security certificate on the subdomain, which has a small annual cost.

Q: When is there a Fee charged for the Franchise?

A: We have a unique try before you buy system. So you can sign up without paying anything upfront and without any monthly hosting charges. You have 6 months for free and after 6 months then have to pay for either the Franchise System or Sales Agent System to continue. It is then that the monthly fees also kick in. We are keeping the monthly fee as low as possible and these can be paid monthly or anually with a discount. We can also roll in the one off Franchise Purchase or Sales Agent setup fee into the monthly fee to asist with cashflow, however it is cheaper for you in the long run to purchase it up front.

Q: Are there any other charges?

A: No there are no charges you have to pay us. However, the Franchise or Sales Agent systems both come with a limited amount of promotional material and samples, so we do charge for additional material you order.

Q: What happens if I want to stop?

A: We have a very fair and ethical contract. The last thing we want is people working with us who are not committed to us and our brands. So you can stop at any time giving 1 month's notice, with no financial penalty at all and a maximum of just 1 month's fee still to pay.

Q: Can I add my own products to the Print Shop?

A: Unfortunately not, however we do have a separate customer print shop where we sell their Calendars and Printed material to the world on their behalf which we are expanding to other products and our full shop platform could sell any product type on it, so subject to our agreement, and as long as not competing with what we already offer then let us know your product(s) or service(s) and we can advise accordingly.

Q: What is the difference between your Franchise and Sales Agency?

A: The main difference is with a Franchise you are running and owning your own business so are a legal business owner and "own" the customers, so can build it up and sell it on should you wish. So the Franchisees pay a little more to us, as they have something tangible they can sell on. The Franchisee also earns more commission per job sold and paid for than the Sales Agent. You can as a Franchise choose to use your own branding and domain name although we prefer you use our ASK branding with an ASK sub domain. However, on the Print side even with your own branding and domain name the web to print platform backend will say ASK Print Online on it as we have invested £200k into the system. With a Sales Agency you have to use our ASK branding with an ASK sub domain and cannot sell your client base or business on should you wish to stop.

Q: Can I visit the ASK offices?

A: Yes you can. Simply give us a call and we can arrange a meeting and show off our ASK brand services.