Our Customer ASK Online Print-On-Demand Shop

Our ASK Online Customer Marketplace prints products and merchandise on demand for Clients in the UK.

Allowing Charities, Photographers, Artists, Fundraisers, Models, Influencers and Companies to sell printed products and merchandise to their customers and supporters without holding stock or paying upfront.

We set them up a page for free in our ASK Online shop, they get a dashboard so they can see their sales and commission earning in real time and we print-on-demand as orders come in and distribute to their customers on their behalf so they can earn money while they sleep.

They can earn up to 60% on every sale, depending on the selling price.

Procucts include bespoke Calendars, Christmas Cards, Books, Yearbooks, Mugs, Clothing, Notebooks, Photo Diaries and Canvas Prints.

On an average sale the customer makes a 45% margin and we keep 55%. Your revenue percentage is based on the revenue we earn on each sale. And our best selling customers can generate over £5k of sales in the Online Shop over the Christmas period which would generate you over £400 commission on our revenue share. And once they are setup in the Shop they normally remain there year after year.

ask online print on demand shop Online Customer Print-on-Demand Shop Sales
Franchise Commission 15% of our Revenue
Typical Customers Charities, Fundraisers, Photographers, Schools, Artists, Models and Schools
Website www.askcalendars.co.uk