Costs and Monthly Charges

Please find the purchase cost and monthly fees below for all the different Franchise and Sales Agent options we offer.

Remember we are currently running a Try Before you Buy Scheme so there is no Purchase or Setup fee or monthly fees for the first 6 months.

After 6 months you have the option to sign up to the package that suits your situation the best on the tarrifs below.

And if cash-flow is an issue there we are offering a Free version of the Franchise and Sales Agent system where the upfront purchase and setup cost is rolled into the monthly hosting fee. It does work out a bit more expensive in the long run but does remove the upfront risk and helps your cash-flow.

Franchise or Sales Agent Setup/Purchase Cost Monthly Hosting & Management Fee Sales Commission Earned *
Franchise £2000 £80 20%
Free Franchise FREE £160 20%
Sales Agent £500 £40 15%
Free Sales Agent £0 £80 15%
Student Agent £0 £20 15%


* On most of our brands, however to keep the costs competitive on some products and brands we only pay half of this commission. Each brand's web page details it's commission. See terms and conditions of contract for full details.